Casting Process

2021-11-08 18:26:10

    Sand casting can be used for grey iron casting, ductile iron casting, aluminum casting. There are three kinds of molding processes for sand casting. They are manual molding, semi-machinery molding and automatic molding. Automatic molding line is currently mostly for iron castings making.

    Automatic molding machines include two kinds of part line: horizontal part line molding and vertical part line molding. DISA line uses vertical part line molding. SINTO ling takes horizontal part line molding. Normally vertical part line molding is faster than horizontal part line molding. But horizontal part line molding can accommodate more complex cores’ assembly and location for more complex structure parts.

    The basic grey iron casting process include patterns design and making, molding, melting , inoculants action of the melting, nodular operation ( only for ductile iron) , pouring, cooling, shaking out, de-gating and after-treatment ( deburrs, grinding , shot blast).


    Resin sand casting is mostly for some big size casting parts. The parts can be made up to 10 to 20 tons. The sand is mixed with resin and some catalyzer before molding. The sand mold will become hard by itself after the molding process is done. Coating and heating up for the mold inner surface ( which will contact with the real casting blanks) will be needed.


    Shell molding process will create more precision dimensions for the casting blanks. It can be used for iron casting  or steel casting. The shell mold is normally assembled by resin cores out from cold core box or hot core box process. The casting blanks will be totally covered or wrapped by the assembled cores’ surface. The assembled shell molds need to be coated and dried before pouring.

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