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We are not only supplying products to our customers , but also trying to build more values to our customers’ business by introducing suitable solution or technology to our customers with compromising parts’ function, technologies’ advantage, realization feasibility, cost control and quality reliability .

Main mechanical parts creation processes include machining, press( or stamping), casting process, forging process, extrusion process, draw process, and also 3D printing. 3D printing is a very popular word currently but this process is mostly more useful in prototype or single piece manufacturing before its extremely high cost is reduced. Here we will only mainly introduce casting process and forging process.

Matech Industry is able to produce castings according to European Standard, French Standard(NF), Germany Standard(DIN/W-Nr.), ISO Standard, UK Standard(BS), American Standard (ASTM, UNS), Japanese Standard(JIS), Russian Standard and GB standard.

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