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The parts we provide to our customer are mainly made from machining or fabrication based on casting blanks or forging blanks or sheet metal or steel bars.

The casting blanks can be from sand casting, resin sand casting or shell molding for aluminum, grey iron or ductile iron, or from lost wax casting or investment casting or shell molding or lost foam process for steel casting, alloy steel casting, stainless steel casting. The blanks can be also made from permanent molding eg. Gravity casting , low pressure casting, extrusion casting or die casting ( high pressure casting ) for aluminum alloy material or zinc alloy material.

Forging blanks can be made from hot forging process, cold forging process, or free drop forging process. Some gears for transmission system can be made from precision forging process directly for the teeth profile.

The blanks creation processes are selected based on the requirements from the customers , complexity and structure of the product, material, dimensions’ precision and surface roughness requirement of the blank and etc.

Heat treatment eg case harden , quench and tempering, Nitriding and surface treatment eg. Zinc plating, painting , ED coating , powder coating, Dacromet can be applied on the products if it’s required and feasible for the products.

The material will be following the requirements on the drawing for the casting blanks. It can be ASTM, ISO, DIN, EN standard and other western countries standards. For the forging pieces or blanks from sheet metal or steel bars , some material can be exactly following the standard but some of the material will be substituted by equivalent Chinese material. But the substitution of course need to be approved by the customer first.

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